It’s the Little Things

In Miss Mojito’s cocktail sipping and sampling, I’ve started to notice that it’s the details that make a difference between the good and the great. A frosted glass, perfectly crushed ice or a unique garnish can take a cocktail to that next level. Here are a few cocktail details that I’ve noticed and enjoyed of late.

Utensils, Please: On a recent weekend get-away to Staunton, I chose sangria as my drink of choice at  Zynadoa, an amazing eatery with a focus on the southern and the local. To accompany the sangria, the server gave me a darling and diminutive fork to fish out the juicy fruit left floating about in the glass. Perfect!

Salt AND Peppa: My favorite part of a cucumber martini I recently enjoyed was the topping on the glass rim, which received a quick dip in a bath of sea salt and freshly cracked pepper. Salt is a standard accoutrement in cocktail mixing, but the extra touch of pepper made it super-special.

Keep the Champagne Flowing: I was delighted, while partaking in a pomegranate bellini, to receive the leftover champagne from the small split used to pour the glass. The drinker can control the sweetness level by topping of the bellini with a bit of the extra champagne.

Foamy Forecast : While sampling margaritas at the new Ventana restaurant in Charlottesville, my favorite part of the cocktail menu was the foam toppings. My margartia, for example, came crowned in a foam of tangerine, lending an extra flavor punch.

Miss Mojito wants to know: What are your favorite little details that take a cocktail from ordinary to extraordinary?

8 responses to “It’s the Little Things

  1. Great post! Had sangria over the weekend, and we were only given an old wooden spoon. It was difficult to fish out the fruit from that giant pitcher — extra utensils would’ve been a big help. We also really appreciate fresh fruit in garnishes, not fruit that’s dried out, really soggy, been sitting out too long, and so forth.

    – DIA

  2. I’m a firm believer that the glass from which you sip the beverage is at least half the fun of the drink. And I think the contents of my china cabinet would agree with me.

  3. I do love a good garnish – there’s nothing like a juice-free lime wedge to ruin a good cocktail.
    CQ, be on the lookout for a glassware post in the future!

  4. DIA, CQ, Miss M, you all after my heart! Fresh garnishes, appropriate glassware and ice — I couldn’t agree more.

  5. I am a big fan of the giant ice cube that does not melt, is that a garnish, though?!

  6. It might not be a garnish, but it’s definitely a fantastic cocktail detail! The only problem (or benefit) with no-melt ice cubes is that you’ll get tipsy a bit more quickly without the extra ice to water-down your cocktail!

  7. Yes! I’ve been to Zynodoa many times. A+
    Its the best place for a bite pre-theatre or a few drinks post-theatre when in the area. Staunton by far has the best drinking/gastronomie in the area.

  8. oh yes… my favorite detail about a drink… 2 for 1 specials.

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