Transforming Hardware

Every season of Project Runway features at least one episode that is vaguely reminiscent of a fashion school homework assignment. These challenges typically present the contestants with unconventional materials – flowers, maybe, or garbage bags – and task the designers with transforming those materials into something fashion-forward. Last Thursday’s episode was no different. Let loose in a hardware store for half an hour, the designers went to work turning metal, rope and plastic into sometimes-chic outfits. Here are the highlights.

  • I love that, in addition to an outfit, the designers are tasked with creating a companion, stand-out accessory. My favorite was Maya’s fun, chic and totally current key necklace.
  • The unconventional material challenge inevitably produces results that look futuristic or techno (see Mila’s armor-style get-up or Seth Aaron’s futuristic dress), so it’s always nice to see a softer side – and that’s what Anthony pulled out. Unfortunately, the judges were looking for more edge than Anthony had to offer.
  • Emilio created a bikini. A string bikini. Made of washers and hot pink string. Michael Kors’ label of “cheesy” was too kind.
  • But even a taste-free string bikini was a greater success than Jesse’s Hershey’s-kiss-inspired, dirty-vacuum-bag reminiscent silver dress.

Two thumbs up to Jay’s winner of an outfit. It might not be my favorite pick style-wise, but he truly transformed his hardware materials into a pair of slim and sleek striped pants and a bold, graphic top.

For my shoe pick, I might integrate that same stripe pattern from the pants into the footwear. The horizontal straps on these Stella McCartney pumps are certainly stripe-reminiscent, and the toe is actually a super sleek midnight blue.

Posted by Miss Mojito.

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