Beer float

It is a pretty simple formula: Beer + Ice Cream = My new favorite dessert.

Ms. S&C isn’t a fan of root beer, but given the amount of craft beer consumed in her household, she can’t believe she hasn’t tried this dessert cocktail before. Her stout beers of choice for this heady concoction include: Brooklyn Brewery’s Black Chocolate Stout and Williamsburg Alewerk’s Coffeehouse Stout. Both beers are strong with roasted malt and well-suited for coffee flavored ice cream (or gelato!).

Stout & Ice Cream Float

  • Split a bottle of stout beer among two glasses
  • Add 1/2 cup coffee ice cream to each glass

Want another variation on the traditional root beer float? Try Bobby Flay’s adult version with bourbon.

posted  by Ms. S&C

3 responses to “Beer float

  1. Young’s Double Chocolate Stout also makes a really nice float… adding a dash of frangelico and brandy will really round things nicely.

  2. So one of my co-workers was dying for a stout-float a couple weeks ago (happy hour) but we couldn’t think of a place around here that serves them… do you know one– Wise, wise Ms. S & C?

  3. Yum. Combining two of my favorite things. The plus is that James doesn’t really like stout, so all the more for me :)

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