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Miss Mojito and I seem to be on the same wavelength (but that’s nothing new, right Miss M?). Last week she highlighted a few footwear selections conducive to walking. Ms. S&C gets around on foot A LOT and has some new acquisitions she’d like to share.

I came across these bright, sunny BC Footwear flats in a little boutique in State College, PA. So far, they’ve taken me on and off the metro, morning walks to yoga, and more recently, a stroll around Central Park. They are a great casual shoe with a happy color.

SimplySoles, based right here in DC, has an exclusive line of shoes — lillybee — and these stylish, pointy toe wedges are named “Angela.” Owning them was like my destiny, I suppose. The classic design and color mean they will be worn A LOT. Totally chic with the patent leather straps and a little bit of height, they are a perfect match when you want style and comfort. They are what Miss Mojito has coined wedge-a-rific.

Ms. S&C wants to know: What shoes do you wear when getting around on foot? Do you find it hard to balance fashion and comfort? Do you even care? Tell us your thoughts below.

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5 responses to “On foot

  1. I just purchased a pair of Carrie Mays from Clarks and LOVE them. Not only are they fashionable, but they are super comfortable, too. I used to wear boring black flats, but these shoes have helped me to kick it up notch and be comfortable.


  2. Diana, Clarks make a great shoe. And, I like your Carrie Mays (particularly in bronze) :)

  3. I looove my yellow BC flats, too!

  4. I too love your yellow BC flats. Saw them on Katherine.

    I only wear comfortable shoes. I saw these in NYC, but then ordered them from Zappos when I got home b/c I decided I had to have them. Not sure I love the way they look with skirts, but they are super comfortable and I adore the zippers.


  5. oh, I need some serious assistance in this department… my comfortable shoes are not so fashionable, and with either going straight to work from the gym or walking 2 miles to work, it is (so sadly) often sneakers or flip flops…. perhaps an outlet visit with The S&C is in order.

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