Glassware Options

This fun article on glassware over at made me take a closer look at my own drinking vessel options. Here are a few of my personal faves.

For everyday wine drinking, I’m a huge fan of dishwasher-safe wine glasses. Mine came from West Elm.

When I want wine-sipping to be more festive, I rely on these three tumblers, all of which were gifted! From left to right, there’s a clear glass tumbler from Barcelona; a hand-blown orange tumbler from Staunton; and a tinted-blue tumbler from Mexico!

My bar cart is home to some adorable vintage picks. On the top rack is a set of pea green glasses and shot glasses with a Greek-themed etching in a fab gold holder. The rack below holds some chunky emerald goblets. (The cowboy box is home to my cocktail napkins!)

That’s just a quick look at where drinks get poured in the Mojito Household. Necessary additions (pending cabinet and storage availability) include some high-end champagne flutes and some nice highballs.

Miss Mojito wants to know: What are your favorite glassware staples? What’s on your glassware wish list?

Posted by Miss Mojito.

2 responses to “Glassware Options

  1. Oh goodness, I may have a glassware addiction. I love tumblers, I love vintage barware, I love beer glasses (and there are so many to match the style of beer you’re drinking). I think I see a “Glassware Options, part deux” in my future — great idea!

  2. There is better than serving a classic cocktail in a vintage highball or double old fashioned. I found a great resource for one-of-a-kind vintage glassware and barware sets. There are drink recipes on the website too!

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