Style in the City

Shoes & Cocktails and Farmers & Fishers are hosting a special “Style in the City” party on Friday, May 28, and we want you to come celebrate with us. We’ll be celebrating all things stylish — shopping, shoes, cocktails and the city of DC — all to mark the season’s most anticipated movie sequel!*

Don yourself in stylish attire, put on your favorite shoes, grab your friends and come to Farmers & Fishers on Friday, from 5-7:30pm. The “Style in the City” event will feature a signature cocktail, light hors d’oeuvres and past episodes of the TV series that brought every woman’s shoe fantasies to life.  Cost is $22 per person.

We’re hosting a stylish event you don’t want to miss!

Here are ten reasons why you should join us:

10. Meet Ms. S&C and the friends that inspire her.

9. It’s a holiday weekend! Why not start it off with a fun, fashionable event?

8. Drink cocktails from the excellent Chief Mixologist Chef Jon Arroyo.

7. Taste foods from a restaurant with a farmer-inspired attitude and dedication to the use and promotion of sustainable agriculture.

6. Hang out in an awesome Georgetown Waterfront location.

5. Fashion. Do you have a pair of shoes (or a dress, or a blouse) that’s been waiting for the right event? In this setting, you can wear whatever you want.

4. Win door prizes, including a Farmers & Fishers dining certificate, a Lowe’s Movie Theatre Gift Card, Brunch for two at Farmers & Fishers, and a pair of Lillybee Shoes from SimplySoles.

3. Meet people similar interests (like, um, shoes and cocktails, and a particular TV show that celebrates both).

2. Drink the “Style in the City” signature cocktail — a champagne cocktail with a lovely pinkish, slightly violet hue. Champagne is gently stirred with Crème de Casis, a touch of cranberry and a fresh raspberry. Perfect light and and summery fruit essences for glamourous gals!

1. Did I mention we’re celebrating fashion and cocktails — together — at one event?

You can RSVP on Facebook, make a comment below, or just show up at F&F on Friday. Hope to see you there!

* Due to exclusive movie-related partnerships, we are prohibited from mentioning the movie title, but think: four very stylish gals, amazing clothes, life, love and shopping. I think you know what we’re referring to.

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4 responses to “Style in the City

  1. Can’t wait! Now to figure out an outfit …

  2. yes, and in regards to that movie which shall remain nameless, you’re so that long blonde haired girl who is known as the main character and I imagine you will look FAB-O…I hope I can make it, I do I do I do!

  3. @Kat, I think of myself as a “poor woman’s Carrie Bradshaw” (have a tiny fraction of her wardrobe budget, but always wondered how she pulled it off…)

    @Jennie, I say use this opportunity to pull something out of the closet that you don’t wear very often because you’ve always thought it to be a little outrageous. Maybe there’s a skirt that’s too short, heels too high, earrings too big, blouse too shiny, lipstick too bright? (Anyone who’s listening to this advice, just don’t wear them all together at once. Please!)

  4. Ms S&C, I’m devastated that I’ll be missing this by mere minutes (and being at the wrong DC airport…hopefully), but I think I may dress as though I’m going, in solidarity, and just cause. But since I won’t actually be there, I may combine all the too-outrageous-to-wear-in-public items in my closet. I meant, Leesburg can handle it, right?

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