Biz Cas (and so much more)

Fall wardrobe planning continues! Last week, Ms. S&C highlighted a few favorite items from Anthropologie. This week, she’s sharing items from another one of her favorite retailers: Banana Republic.

With the help of the Give & Get 30% off special, Ms. S&C was able to *get* the below items (and *give* a percentage of the sale to The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society). I know what you’re thinking: everything is gray and black. Where is the color, Ms. S&C? Where is the boldness? Where is the glamour, you speak of? Why is everything so…so business casual?

Biz Cas

Ms. S&C’s fall wardrobe picks: items that are versatile
and so much more.

While Ms. S&C does want to infuse some glamour in her wardrobe, another important element is versatility: the ability to mix and match (and the ability to wear the items to work). Accessories are, of course, another major element: shoes, bags, belts, statement jewelry, fun scarfs, gloves, and tights. (Good lord, don’t forget the tights!) Textured or printed tights can transform the ruffle skirt (though, it is silk and pretty fabulous on its own) into something spectacular. A studded belt can help give the herringbone jacket some edge. And, a bold printed scarf up top, those leggings (and the chic suede booties) on bottom — you can put together a kick ass outfit.

Ms. S&C wants to know: What do you like for this fall? What items do you want in your closet this season?

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3 responses to “Biz Cas (and so much more)

  1. I’m totally Jonesing for a new winter hat. I have this one in my sights…

  2. Boots. I have this amazing black pair with zipper on the inside and black leather covered buttons that go up the ankle. I found 2 years ago(from Aldo of all places! when they did a designer partnetship) and they were amazing. Originally about $550, I got them for under $200, on sale, last size(mine), last pair.. in the city. So naturally, it was a sign to get them and i will never regret. I’m scared I’m wearing them out too much and have been looking for some back-ups(also in brown) for this fall and winter. Been looking for months, but if you see anything worthy, send it my way. =)

  3. @Jonathan, I have another friend who mentioned he would like a pair of “kick ass boots” for the fall. I think a menswear footwear feature is in order. (I’ve been looking around and Frye is definitely a favorite go-to place for boots.)

    @Diana, get that hat! I love the vintage look, I love the feathers. (And I love the price.)

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