Sometimes, under very special circumstances . . .

bare feet . . .

and cheap beer . . .

are all the shoes and cocktails this girl needs.

Miss Mojito is preparing to bid adieu to summer with a week-long family beach vacation. I plan on coming back fully rejuvenated for some fall-worthy blogging: boots, knits and cold-weather bevvies, here I come!

Posted by Miss Mojito.

3 responses to “Sometimes

  1. Miss Mojito!

    There has been a time or two (or ten) when I’ve asked Sister Mojito if I can be adopted in the Mojito family. Your week-long family beach vacation (cheap beer and bare feet and all) is another one of those instances.

    PS: Knowing the Mojito family, there’s likely to be one or two specialty cocktails imbibed.

  2. Well said and I couldn’t agree more. :)

  3. “bare feet and cheap beer” I love it. Cheers to summer, Enjoy your last hurrah to the season.

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