Academy Awards Fashion and More

For the third year in a row, Ms. S&C is live blogging the Academy Awards. Yes, e-v-e-r-y-o-n-e else is doing it too. (Twitter has been abuzz with the latest updates for days now.) And no, she doesn’t have any special insider information. She is just like you. She is sitting on her couch, in ripped jeans and a tank top, drinking red wine from a box. And she can’t wait for James Franco.

Ms. S&C is live blogging the Oscars, along with everyone else.

Here we go:

Love that Kelly Osbourne just called Helen Mirren’s body “bangin.”

I think I like Scarlett Johansson’s dress. The color and the lace overlay and the messy hair are a little unexpected.

The best decision Gwyneth Paltrow could have made (at this stage of her career) was appearing on Glee (plus, she looks great tonight in that slim silvery number).

Cate Blanchett is in an unusual lavender dress. She was described by someone as a “work of art.” And I couldn’t agree more. She is absolutely gorgeous (I love the short hair) and like a breath of fresh air.

Wow, a lot of red: Jennifer Hudson, Jennifer Lawrence, Penelope Cruz, Anne Hathaway. I wish I liked red more.

That ABC backstage interview with James Franco could have gone better, right?

Commercial break: Ms. S&C saw eight of the ten movies nominated for Best Picture, and she wants “The King’s Speech” to win (again, along with everyone else on the planet who has seen it).

Correction: Jennifer Hudson’s dress is apparently “tangerine,” not red. Thank you, Tim Gunn.

Loved the question by Robin Roberts, of GMA, to Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban about what music they listened to on the way over. Unfortunately, the only answer we got was “mellow.”

Did you know that Melissa Leo from “The Fighter” is also John Goodman’s wife on “Treme”? She looks so different. And by different, we mean better.

Commercial break: Check out the S&C Twitter page too because we are retweeting commentary that is much better than ours. #humbled

Yay! Love an Alec Baldwin cameo anytime, anywhere.

Anne Hathaway is charming and enthusiastic and pretty (amused by the “it was a good year for lesbians” line). James Franco looks stoned (but that’s one reason we love him).

Commercial break: Ms. S&C watched the documentary “Exit Through the Gift Shop” over the weekend and saying it was good doesn’t do it justice. Neither does saying it was great. Totally worth watching.

Kirk Douglas presenting Best Supporting Actress? Hasn’t anyone learned anything from Dick Clark on New Year’s Eve? So uncomfortable. [Update: his bit is redeemed, I think.]

Justin Timberlake and the Banksy reference. He can do no wrong. Nor can Mila Kunis in that violet dress.

Best Adapted Screenplay winner: Aaron Sorkin and “The Social Network.” Best Original Screenplay winner: “The King’s Speech.” So far things are going as they should be.

Anne Hathaway looks great in a tux with the sparkly platforms (and sparkly eyelashes!). Franco does cross-dressing well (again).

Great dresses alert: Mandy Moore’s tiered midnight blue gown and Hathaway in that flapper-inspired one-shoulder gold number.

Oprah, like Alec Baldwin, we like anywhere, anytime.

Commercial break: I’m missing a friend’s Oscar party where the food was themed around the Best Picture nominations. Brilliant idea. Now, someone tell me what I missed?!?!

Jennifer Hudson, Florence Welch, Gwyneth Paltrow, I’m in love with your dresses. (Gwyneth, I don’t feel quite the same way about that song.)

Commercial break: Can Cam and Mitchell host next year’s Academy Awards. I mean, who doesn’t love “Modern Family”?

Best Actress assessment: I don’t like Annette Bening’s dress, and I don’t hate Nicole Kidman’s as much as everyone else. Jennifer Lawrence is a bombshell. Michelle Williams looks like an angel. Natalie, of course you deserve it.

Best Actor assessment: Sandra Bullock’s intro says it all. Well done (except for that oversized bow on your rump). Firth, Firth, Firth!

Holy Oscar exhaustion. That’s all I got folks.

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4 responses to “Academy Awards Fashion and More

  1. Couldn’t see it all (incl. the shoes), but I think I love Helena BC’s dress – Victorian bustle with Elizabethan sleeve cut outs? Otherwise I think so far that Mila Kunis’ dress is my fave.

  2. I’m sorry – I just saw Nicole Kidman’s dress – what?? Reminds me of Cameron Diaz’s napkin dress of a few years back. And not a fan of the red peep toes she paired with it – seems way off.

  3. Hi ms shoes and cocktails :-) Just wanted to say hi. I found you on and wanted to introduce myself and my little blog and meet other DC area loggers. Hope we can chat some time.


  4. Food was delicious. ice cream social, lowell’s beans, true grit cakes, an alright salad, winters’ chicken bones are the ones I think I remember. I LOVED cate blanchett. My favorite by far.

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