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It’s the Little Things

In Miss Mojito’s cocktail sipping and sampling, I’ve started to notice that it’s the details that make a difference between the good and the great. A frosted glass, perfectly crushed ice or a unique garnish can take a cocktail to that next level. Here are a few cocktail details that I’ve noticed and enjoyed of late.

Utensils, Please: On a recent weekend get-away to Staunton, I chose sangria as my drink of choice at  Zynadoa, an amazing eatery with a focus on the southern and the local. To accompany the sangria, the server gave me a darling and diminutive fork to fish out the juicy fruit left floating about in the glass. Perfect!

Salt AND Peppa: My favorite part of a cucumber martini I recently enjoyed was the topping on the glass rim, which received a quick dip in a bath of sea salt and freshly cracked pepper. Salt is a standard accoutrement in cocktail mixing, but the extra touch of pepper made it super-special.

Keep the Champagne Flowing: I was delighted, while partaking in a pomegranate bellini, to receive the leftover champagne from the small split used to pour the glass. The drinker can control the sweetness level by topping of the bellini with a bit of the extra champagne.

Foamy Forecast : While sampling margaritas at the new Ventana restaurant in Charlottesville, my favorite part of the cocktail menu was the foam toppings. My margartia, for example, came crowned in a foam of tangerine, lending an extra flavor punch.

Miss Mojito wants to know: What are your favorite little details that take a cocktail from ordinary to extraordinary?