S&C reader poll–vote on cocktails

Ms. S&C’s birthday is approaching.  In fact, it is on Repeal Day!  To celebrate the occasion, she and Mr. S&C will be hosting a cocktail party.  We’re having a difficult time deciding what cocktail we should serve.  Who better else to help us decide than readers?!?!?!  You’ll be hearing about it anyway:-)  Check out the drink descriptions below and vote on which cocktail you would like to see served at our upcoming cocktail party.

Pomegranate Gin Rickey – we’ll make our own simple syrup with pomegranate juice and seeds, mix with gin, lime and seltzer.   It will be our twist on a local fave.

Corpse Reviver, No. 2 – we first introduced the Corpse Reviver, No. 2, on Halloween, and we’re still not tired of it!  Love the combination of spirits and the tartness of lemon.

Champagne Cocktail – maybe a little raspberry liqueur, crème de cassis, or a French 75.  Who cares?  It goes with everything.

Jalapeno Margarita – we’ll infuse jalapeno in our simple syrup, combine it with lime and tequila. We may be serving contemporary Tex-Mex style appetizers, so this could be a perfect match.

Thanks for voting!

6 responses to “S&C reader poll–vote on cocktails

  1. so sad I won’t be there to enjoy, and I can’t imagine a s&c bday partay that is anything less than fabulous, but a high kicking fire punching margarita has nothing but good times all over it! that sure would put me on the “woohooo train to nowhere!” (as I was told I was on this past weekend….but a fun ride it is.)

  2. This is BY FAR the hardest vote I’ve had to make this year- but since the company will be delightful & you can’t go wrong with any of them, it doesn’t make me sweat at all… so I’ll put my ballot in the pomegranite gin rickey box.

  3. This is tragic. So wish I could partake of each of these! But since we must choose, I vote first for the pomegranate gin rickey – it sounds deliciously festive. The novelty of the jalapeno margarita is hard to resist as well. And lord knows I’ve never met a champagne cocktail I didn’t like. Feliz cumpleanos!

  4. I’m in for that pom gin rickey. In case some may be missing the champagne, I’ll be bringing a bottle of bubbly red. I wonder what you can mix with that.

  5. i agree, tough call. harder still that i can’t enjoy the winning drink. maybe just a sip for the baby.

  6. Don’t know if you’ve yet decided, but I say the classic champagne cocktail. It’s a nice addition to help cleanse the palate of a birthday bash where I’m sure there will be many drink options.

    What shoes are you wearing!?!?!?! =)
    Happy Birthday/Repeal Day! I’ll have one for you here in NYC.

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