There’s style here

A year ago, we welcomed Fashion Washington, DC’s new luxury fashion magazine from the Washington Post.

Earlier this week, Ms. S&C attended FW’s one year anniversary party at Masa 14, the new hot spot inFW-party Logan Circle. She was thrilled and totally flattered by the  invitation. She was slightly underwhelmed by the cocktails (Strawberry Lemonade was waaayyy too sweet), but the people-watching opportunity was first-rate.

In addition to being in the company of DC’s most fashionable crowd, Ms. S&C met the famous fashion photographer blogger (and now author), The Sartorialist. One of Ms. S&C’s greatest dreams in life is to be considered worthy of one of his photographs. His people-on-the-streets photos are a constant inspiration. They are really, really amazing.


The Sartorialist signs a copy of his book for Ms. S&C
at FW’s one year anniversary party

You can check out a recap of the anniversary event on FW’s blog, Fashion District.  And, the Style Setter column in the FW magazine, has a great article on Scott Schuman (aka The Sartorialist).

So, how did DC do, style-wise? On The Sartorialist blog, Mr. Schuman said, “I expected great things in cities like London and Paris, but DC was a total surprise. What a great-looking and diverse crowd.”

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2 responses to “There’s style here

  1. I’m dying to know: what did you wear to meet the Sartorialist??

  2. Here’s a pic of my dress on FB. It is a black and white printed silk (and very short) little number from Banana:

    I wore accessories from this blog post (the blue satin purse and black platform pumps):

    Not a “statement” outfit, but I definitely veered from my comfort zone, combining the high heels w/ a short dress length.

    PS–I also want to thank some of my favorite readers, Kathy and AV, for joining me (and taking pictures) at the party. Hope there are more to come:-)

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