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There’s style here

A year ago, we welcomed Fashion Washington, DC’s new luxury fashion magazine from the Washington Post.

Earlier this week, Ms. S&C attended FW’s one year anniversary party at Masa 14, the new hot spot inFW-party Logan Circle. She was thrilled and totally flattered by the  invitation. She was slightly underwhelmed by the cocktails (Strawberry Lemonade was waaayyy too sweet), but the people-watching opportunity was first-rate.

In addition to being in the company of DC’s most fashionable crowd, Ms. S&C met the famous fashion photographer blogger (and now author), The Sartorialist. One of Ms. S&C’s greatest dreams in life is to be considered worthy of one of his photographs. His people-on-the-streets photos are a constant inspiration. They are really, really amazing.


The Sartorialist signs a copy of his book for Ms. S&C
at FW’s one year anniversary party

You can check out a recap of the anniversary event on FW’s blog, Fashion District.  And, the Style Setter column in the FW magazine, has a great article on Scott Schuman (aka The Sartorialist).

So, how did DC do, style-wise? On The Sartorialist blog, Mr. Schuman said, “I expected great things in cities like London and Paris, but DC was a total surprise. What a great-looking and diverse crowd.”

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