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PR’s fashion for the family

Last week’s episode of Project Runway wasn’t billed as a “mommy and me” matching clothing challenge, but nevertheless the designers were asked to create a fashionable children’s look as well as an adult companion piece.

It wasn’t much of a surprise that Seth Aaron, who has a daughter close to the age of the child models, won (after all, he made a matching handbag for the little one’s outfit). It also wasn’t a shocker that Janeane was sent home (she’s been on shaky ground for weeks now, and Tim Gunn warned her that she was  rockin’ too much Halloween in her look).

Seth Aaron’s winning little girl and big girl
outfits on Project Runway.

Tory Burch was guest judge, so it’s only appropriate to pair shoes from her line with the winning outfit. Her back-zip sandals, with leather straps and a prominent back zip, have an edgy style that are a perfect match for Seth Aaron’s grown-up mod look (and his apparent love of infusing hardware in his designs).

For the little girl’s look, Michael Kors’ ballerina mary janes with the oversized rhinestone could be a good fit for a proper young lady, but I can’t resist pairing pink converse sneakers with the houndstooth hoodie (and especially after last week’s S&C for baby post).

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Shoes for a Cover Shoot: PR Recap

The Season 7 cast of Project Runway really seems to be bringing their a-games to the catwalk. And the judges are seeing that they live up to their potential with some truly excellent challenges. This week? Design a cover look for Hedi Klum herself to sport on the April issue of Marie Claire. Here are the highs-and-lows of last week’s episode to gear us up for this evening’s showing:

The contestants receive some guidance from the Marie Claire editor on how to create a cover look: focus on intricate details in the neckline; favor solids over prints; and don’t be afraid of color.

Some of my favorite looks didn’t even make it to the runway. Jay Nicolas’ floaty gown is super chic and original.

I’m surprisingly obsessed with Jonathan’s playful romper look. It certainly stands out from the other designs.

The loser of the night is no surprise: shorts, a shapeless
tank and a vest do not a PR winner make. I love the second-runner-up, though. Ben’s butterfly-inspired colorblock dress is fresh and bright, and I’m a big fan of the shape.

Anthony is the winner for his asymmetrical and brilliant blue cocktail dress. It’s totally fun and modern, but the shoes are a snooze-fest. Even though the focus of the cover will be on the dress, that’s no excuse to ignore footwear! My choice would be something a bit more colorful, like these purple Vince Camuto shoes over at Piperlime.com.









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An Outfit Fit for a Potato

It seems like the folks at Project Runway should have come up with the theme of episode 2 ages ago. The challenge: turn a potato sack into a dress suitable for their models to wear to an upscale “industry event.” And boy, did the designers live up to the task! The vast majority of the bunch showed fabulous mixes of innovation and taste on last week’s runway.

Miss Mojito has a confession to make. When I was just a tiny mojito, dreaming of what I wanted to be when I grew up, I spent several months convinced that I was destined to be a fashion designer. I’d sketch out designs of intricate, multi-layered dresses. Inevitably, one of those layers was always burlap. A particular favorite design when I was nine years old was a three-layer gown: a floor-length, satin, 0ne-shouldered dress, layered under a knee-length burlap dress layered under a burgundy velvet mini-dress. It might sound like a confusing nightmare now, but to my nine-year-old mind it was fashion heaven.

Needless to say I was delighted to see burlap make its way into the equation for this Project Runway episode. And I was pretty floored by the results! Here are some highlights and lowlights.

  • Several designers dyed their burlap with fantastic results. This is a technique we don’t get to see too often on PR, so it was fun to see the results.
  • I was surprised at how burlap can be at once fluid and structured. The runner-up winner, Amy, showcased an impressive mix of both, in an outfit that played up the organic side of the fabric. I love the burned look of the hemline.
  • The episodes are always more satisfying to me when there’s an actual client to please, not just the judges. A client with demands and preferences adds a small touch of reality to the challenges.
  • Lauren Hutton is a sophisticated treat of a judge. What an icon!

Designer Jay Nicolas is the winner, and you could have seen it coming from a mile away. While his design isn’t necessarily innovative in terms of color or silhouette, it’s a supremely chic creation that looks much more expensive than it actually is.

For a shoe pairing, I’d play up the mini-nature of the dress with a pair of sky-high heels. And since this design is a safe black, it might be fun to play with some color in the shoes.

These electric yellow suede platform pumps by Elizabeth and James (a brand of the Olsen twin fame) would be my first choice.

But, $350 not being in the mojito shoe budget, a vibrant blue in a more reasonable price range would be an excellent alternative. I like these Steve Madden’s with floral detail.

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Project Runway is back home

Season seven of Project Runway has begun, and the show is back in New York, where it belongs. That concrete jungle where dreams are made of. The place where there’s nothing you can’t do. The streets will make you feel brand new. Big lights will inspire you. Let’s hear it for New York (and Jay-Z and Alicia Keys).

Project Runway is back, and so is the S&C recap and shoe pairing series.

Project Runway’s first episode takes the designers to Central Park where they choose fabrics for a creation that expresses them as a designer. This challenge means that they have the freedom to make whatever they want. Everyone should nail this, unless they can’t really sew (that means you, Christiane).

Things to mention, but not spend a lot of time on — new this season is a gimmicky digital sketch book (guess there’s a new sponsor). Guest judge for this round is Nicole Richie (though she’s more L.A. than New York). Michael Kors and Nina Garcia are still in classic form, describing Jesus’ so-called glamorous gown, “a crocodile trunk that exploded on an evening gown,” and something that “looks like a Hershey chocolate bar.” God love ’em.

Emilo wins the first challenge with a fine, flirty, full-skirted dress with lots of texture. It was my personal favorite, but I think Seth Aaron‘s youthful punk dress, and Ping‘s wacky layered look do a better job of representing them as designers.

For the shoe pairing, I really like the style Emilo chose for his dress. They’re a bit of a surprise. The cut-out bootie sandal adds another textured element, and the greenish color is a refreshing choice. I found a pair of cut-out slingbacks, from Lanvin over at Barney’s. The wooden platform sandal matches the fun flirtiness of the dress, and the bright green color is perfect for warmer weather. They could be yours for a jaw-dropping $1,005.00. That’s Paris luxury for you.

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Remix, PR Style

The latest Project Runway episode brought back the remaining designers’ most successful outfits. The designers were charged with reinventing those outfits by creating a new, companion design. Creativity-wise, I thought most of the designs were lacking a bit in the inspiration department. Althea created another paper-bag-waist ensemble; Christopher went for drama with a heavy gown; Irina went for oversized glam; Carol Hannah put together yet another simple (but ridiculously cute) dress; and Logan and Gordana disappointed. Here’s a quick recap.

  • I’m so glad to see Logan go (thanks to his 80’s-inspired black dress). It’s too late in the game to hold on to a designer who can’t claim a single win.
  • The claws came out this week as the designers took turns accusing each other of stealing design ideas. The drama is fun to watch, but isn’t imitation the sincerest form of flattery?
  • This week’s guest designers seemed to work really well together. PR alum Nick Verreos and actress Kerry Washington provided thoughtful feedback and seemed to click with Nina and Heidi.
  • Speaking of Heidi, did everyone see her and Seal’s crow costumes for their annual Halloween bash? Pretty fantastic!

AltheaBut back to the task at hand. Althea’s simple but sophisticated pants-tank-cardigan combo took tNicoleRichieop honors – and in my book, her shoes took top honors, too. The black pumps are almost tulip-shaped and are super-chic. But if I had my way, I might pair a pair from Nicole Richie’s new shoe line with this black, white and gray ensemble. The shoes won’t be available until January 2010, but we have this picture of an amazing, almost tribal platform sandal with ankle strap (above, left) to satiate us in the meantime. I think this funky sandal would totally liven up Althea’s outfit.

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Sense of place

Milla Jovovich was the bright spot in last week’s Project Runway. She was insightful and smart, thoughtful and funny. She had a great rapport with Michael Kors. She even shed a tear over Nicolas. I want more Milla.

“Nothing says Greece like gray menswear fabric.”
-Milla Jovovich and Michael Kors sarcastically
commenting on Nicolas’ design

Otherwise, it was a rather dull episode. The designers were challenged to create a look inspired by a famous locale. Only seven designers remain. Christopher took on Santa Fe. Irina used Aspen for inspiration. Nicolas chose Greece. Gordana designed for Park Avenue New York. Carol Hannah picked Palm Beach. Logan turned Hollywood into young Hollywood, and Althea was enthusiastic over her St. Tropez pick.

“If this was project-I-didn’t-mind-it, he would win.”
– Milla Jovovich on Logan’s very average design

PR-aspenIrina’s Aspen inspired luxe snow bunny look

frye-studded-bootsIrina’s Aspen design won. Yes, there was a little too much camel color, but it was definitely the most complete look. The ski-inspired pants, the open-back cowl neck sweater, the faux fur vest — all very sophisticated. Too bad her personality isn’t as warm as these clothes. But, no doubt she’ll be a finalist at Bryant Park.

For the shoe pairing, I love the Frye ‘Deborah’ Studded Ankle Boot. The distressed leather, embellished with sparkly beads and studs — the boots are Western yet urban. Considering Irina’s snow bunny would likely be drinking champagne at the lodge instead of on the slopes, it is reasonable to chose style over function in this circumstance.

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Sequins, Glitter & Bob Mackie

Thank goodness for Christina Aguilera – as the client and guest judge for last week’s Project Runway episode, she inspired plenty of creativity in the PR contestants in the form of sequins, feathers and fun. And with designer Bob Mackie on board as a guest judge, we knew we were in for a runway that would be anything but boring.

  • I must admit that I’m happy to see Shirin go. Her whiny ways seemed to get on everybody’s nerves, and her Halloween-inspired costume for Christina received a big thumbs-down.
  • CHRISTOPHER – WHAT WERE YOU THINKING??? Hot pants? Bustier? No, thank you!
  • Althea was a hit with her grey sequined gown, but the huge feathered shrug she paired with the lovely dress ruined the look for me.
  • My favorite pick won top honors. Carol Hannah’s gown–a black floor-length number with tons of feathers and texture–was a stunner.
  • While Carol Hannah won with a beautiful design, Nina Garcia truly stole the show. Did anyone catch a glimpse of that enormous turquoise necklace she was wearing? Too fun!


These feathered sandles from Gwen Stefani’s line, L.A.M.B., hit the nail on the head with their sequin-feather combo, and I think they’d make a terrific shoe pairing for Carol Hannah’s fun and fanciful design.

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