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Bun in the Oven

The first few episodes of Project Runway are always a bit hard for me to jump right in to. There are so many designers, and we only get to hear the critique of about half of them. It isn’t until episode four or five, at least, that I start to develop favorites. So one thing that I like about this season is that, at MyLifetime.com, you can view videos of the extended judging, as well as more footage of Tim Gunn’s critiques! So far, this is one benefit that Lifetime has over Bravo. Now, on with the show.

Here’s a quick recap of highlights (and spoilers!) from last week’s episode, the Pregnancy Challenge, with guest host Rebecca Romijn.

  • I love a good pregnancy challenge as much as anybody, but can we address the prosthetic baby bumps for a moment? To my eye, they didn’t seem to create an entirely accurate representation of a pregnant woman’s body. To start with, you’re putting a huge bump on an otherwise stick-thin model, who hasn’t gained baby-poundage in any other area. More often then not, this resulted in the creation of a bowling-ball-tummy.
  • Leggings seemed to be the easy answer for most of the designers, who were new to pregnancy wear.  Four out of the 15 designers opted for the legging route.
  • One designer who strayed away from the leggings – in a most unfortunate manner – was Mitchell. While I liked the styling of his outfit (check out these boots!), his ridiculous, balloon-meets-diaper shorts should have sent him home, but instead . . .
  • Malvin goes home. And who can say it’s a surprise? This is the same designer who mentioned, in Episode 1, that a vocabulary has not yet been invented that can describe his clothing. In my opinion, that says it all. Malvin’s bird-egg-inspired get-up sent him packing.
  • In the end, I was rooting for the first-runner-up. I thought Althea’s navy gown with the detailed neckline was classy and fun and a little bit sexy. But Shirin’s red-wine-shaded gown seem to have an excellent fit, PLUS she made a (lined) coat to go with it. She had it in the bag.


Shirin’s winning design in Project Runway’s Pregnancy Challenge episode

Clearly, the shoe pairing for the winning outfit should be one that values comfort asmuch as fashion, keeping _5762479mom-to-be in mind. I’ve heard a lot about Cole Haan‘s collaboration with Nike for a shoe line that marries comfort and fashion – at a price. These peep-toe pumps, with a Mary Jane styling and cushioning in the heel and forefront, would be the perfect partner for Shirin’s gown – but at $275, they’re definitely an investment piece!

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Roll out the red carpet

The TV-show-drink-and-shoe-pairings are in full swing over here at S&C. Project Runway is finally back from its hiatus, and the Project Runway Shoe Pairing has been resurrected. If you are new to S&C, the Project Runway Shoe Pairing is a reoccurring feature on the blog, where we recap the previous week’s episode and then pair spectacular shoes with the winning design. (Yes, S&C has an embarrassment of riches, in fresh content, right now.)


Project Runway is back and on Lifetime

The new season of Project Runway premiered last week. The show has not only moved from its home at Bravo to Lifetime, but from New York City to L.A. Fortunately, the PR family members are still in tact, with the delightful Tim Gunn, smashing Heidi Klum, snarky Michael Kors and under-appreciated Nina Garcia. Here are a few thoughts on episode one, also known as the Red Carpet Challenge:

  • Was it me, or was the first episode a bit over-the-top in the drama department? I mean, it is way too early for a designer breakdown, isn’t it? And, a breakdown over the Red Carpet Challenge? Every designer should come already prepared for one evening gown look. It is a gimme.
  • So glad that Tim Gunn and Michael Kors have not lost their sense of humor, and continue to deliver the best lines of the night. Faves include: Gunn describing one dress as “cruise-line cocktail,” and another as a “halter-diaper.” Kors describing Mitchell’s disaster as “a nightgown to wear at home with a glass of brandy.”
  • Biggest surprise may have been a calm, stable Lindsay Lohan, serving as guest judge, and contributing intelligent and thoughtful remarks.
  • There wasn’t a lot of time spent on the final runway designs (too many contestants), but Christopher wins (which seems about right), with his elegant yet sharp, hard on top and soft on bottom, perfect balance of edgy and pretty dress. I like it.
  • Off-the-wall Ari is out. Actually, I’m kind-of surprised they didn’t keep her around longer just to see more of her unconventional, highly-conceptual design methods. (That sounds a lot better than it actually is.)

pr6-ep1-rr-chris-katie-fNow, for the shoe pairing. Borrowing heavily from the judges’ comments (they described it better than I ever would), the dress is edgy and soft. Modern and classic. Pairing it with booties is the way to go.gucci-booties

With the high-style and contrasting textures, the dress feels like it was practically made to wear with hard-to-wear booties. If on the red carpet, a premium footwear designer is not out of the question. So,  these satiny Gucci’s are my picks. I like how the shiny texture complements the upper material of the dress. Other top options include these asymmetric patent booties from Dolce and Gabbana and these caged open-toe ankle boots from Giuseppe Zanotti. Shoes, I can’t afford — oh, how I’ve missed you.

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One day you’re in

We bring the fifth season of Project Runway to a close, as Leanimal is crowned champion.  Regretfully, we admit that we were underwhelmed by the finale.  Our first bone to pick – why do they insist on making us watch the model audition?  While certain models may give designers an advantage, the models do not speak.  We don’t get to know them, nor do we want to.  They are b-o-r-i-n-g.  And secondly, why was Tim Gunn the special guest judge?  J Lo bailed because of a mysterious foot injury.  Um, okay.  How exactly is sitting in a chair, looking at, and talking about clothes too strenuous on her foot?  So, Project Runway’s replacement was Tim Gunn.  Tim Gunn, really?  Yes, we love Tim Gunn.  Everyone loves Tim Gunn.  He is adorable and caring and sensitive – but, really?  PR couldn’t find anyone else?  (The conspiracy theorist in us thinks this is further evidence that Bravo is trying to sabotage the future of PR, since it is moving to Lifetime.) Whatevs. Let’s get to the shoe pairing.

Believe it or not, we’ve gone the whole season without pairing any Manolos with the winning designs.  Given that Mr. Blahnik is an extraordinary craftsman and he continues, with his own hands, to perfect every design and prototype of every shoe that bears his name, he is our footwear designer of choice this week.

Leanne’s collection – Everyone else seems to call those sculptural elements “petals,” but we call them “waves,” given her designs were inspired by water and movement and all.  Her collection is highly original and très elegant, but we wish it wasn’t so “controlled,” if that makes sense.  And, we would have liked a few more color variations.  Nevertheless, we adore these stunning “Preppi” ankle strap sandals with this outfit.  Check out the alternate view on Barney’s website to see the print on the back.  They rock.

Kenley’s collection – She surprised us.  And, we surprised ourselves because we liked her designs the best.  The “copycat” accusation reared its ugly head again, but we loved all of the whimsical designs and colors; we even like the rope trim!  We’ve paired these “Sedaraby” heels with the fun, full tulle skirt, but they would be an excellent match with a few other outfits as well.

Korto’s collection – We love Korto more than we loved her designs.  We so appreciate that she knows how to dress different body types, and we love that she infuses her heritage in her designs.  But overall, we thought her collection lacked the glamour present in the other designers’ collections.  We like glamour.  A lot of her dresses had a playful quality, and we like the strappy, metallic “Spart” with this one.

While we weren’t wowed by this season, we’re an optimistic bunch over here at S&C.  Season 6 is currently in production, rumored to split time between NYC and LA, and has promised some very A-list celebrities as guest judges.  We’ll stay tuned.

Ladies night

Project Runway is down to the last three designers – and it will be an all female finale!  Just like S&C predicted (well, sort-of — until our anti-Kenley raid had us hoping Jerell would knock her off).  But, Kenley brought it this week and Jerell didn’t.  So, hooray for the ladies!

This last episode before Bryant Park had Tim Gunn making home visits and giving us glimpses of the designers’ lives.  Korto’s family was the sweetest (did you see that spread they laid out for him?), and what a lovely woodsy studio she has.  Tim visited Leanimal in Portland; they went on a bike ride, and he was so awkward and cute.  Jerell showed us more of his sensitive side when Tim visited his family in LA.  Kenley, the last visit, didn’t exactly lay out the welcome mat, but seemed happy to see him nonetheless.

We didn’t see too much of the designers’ collections because this show was all about the wedding dresses and the surprise bridesmaid design challenge.  Both Jerell and Korto had over-worked wedding gowns and uninspired bridesmaid dresses.  Jerell went too far with the grunge-glam look, so it was the end of the road for him.  We wish you the best, Jerell!  Kenley and Leanne had the top designs.

Kenley’s feathery gown is awesome, and we love the whimsical hat (reminds us of SJP at the SATC premier in London).  For extra whimsy, we’re pairing these green Christian Louboutin satin slingbacks with the oversized bow.

Leanne’s wedding dress, and collection, was inspired by water and movement.  Nina Garcia was right on when she described it as “modern and dreamy.”  We’re pairing these gold Valentino’s because the  bow reminds us of the sculptural elements in her designs.  They’re not the same Valentino’s as last week, but similiar.  In case you haven’t noticed, we LOVE bows.

Wild flowers

We are getting close to crowning the next Project Runway winner.  The last episode challenged the designers to create an evening gown inspired by flowers found in the New York Botanical Garden.

Let’s start with the winners:

Jerell – The only guy remaining so he plays with fruit and bobble head dolls back at the hotel to keep himself company.  He also leads the let’s-throw-Kenley-to-the-wolves-pack.  He wins the challenge, but his dress is not without its problems (the bust, hemline, wrinkles).  I do like that it is a kind-of funky eveningwear look.  Most of his clothes seem wearable, but still have an edge.  So, we’re pairing these Christian Louboutin pewter pumps – aptly named “Scissor Girl,” for the cross-band and stud detail.

Leanimal – She loses a bit of her confidence this week.  Maybe it was repercussions from that near bee sting.  She still manages to pull off the next best dress.  Her soft, flowy, lavender gown is quite lovely.  Also lovely are these shimmery Valentino pumps with the side bow.  I heart bows.

And, the losers:

Korto – She designs a super-flattering silhouette (she always does), but goes overboard with the bright fabrics, and why oh why did she use that lace?

Kenley – It is too exhausting to continue with the Kenley-attitude-bashing.  We’re done with that.  And her reptilian dress.

Episode concludes with tears galore – everyone is an emotional wreck – but, it is all for not because no one gets auf’d.

In sync or out of tune

Ms. S&C is back from her vacay. Sigh. While we re-adjust to the rhythm of the daily grind, we’re gonna start back short and sweet with the PR recap.


The last Project Runway episode challenged the designers to design for a music genre, and design an outfit for one of the other remaining contestants. This episode was all Korto – and – all Kenley. Korto was the one in key. She came through with a win, she had fun with her country look, and – the best part – she totally busted on Kenley for interrupting her and Leanne’s pow-wow. This was just the beginning of everyone bustin’ on Kenley. Even Tim Gunn had a few things to say about Miss K’s attitude. Which stinks, frankly. And her hip-hop outfit — way off-note.

So, there was plenty of drama and a few theatrics (Leanimal’s rap–no, no, no.). But, let’s be honest – as fun as the idea was, the designs were all a bit costumey.

Starting with the pop tart — we think these studded purple pumps are a better match for Jerell’s outfit. They tie in with the tiny vest and that sparkly bra thing. And LL, they would show you a lot of leg, since more skin is what you were looking for.


Hard core. The least costumey of them all, Korto did an awesome job with this look, especially the jeans. But, when we think punk rock — combat boots. Period.

All grown up

Last week’s Project Runway episode challenged the designers to help makeover recent college graduates and get them ready for the working world. Jerell strung together another win, making it two in a row, Suede lives for another week, and Kenley is going to need some larger hair pieces because her head gets bigger every week. Meow.

Let’s get right down to business. Our choice for the shoe pairing is J.Crew. It feels collegiate, and the fall collection is fabulous.

Jerell is meddling with our hope for an all female finale, but we like his geek-to-chic transformation. The high-waisted pencil skirt, satin top, and long cardigan are a great look. To break up the solid prints, let’s pair it with a glossy animal print. And, I’ll take the whole outfit for my own fall wardrobe, thank you.

Kenley initially dissed Tim’s suggestion that she remove some of the excess tulle at the bottom of her mini-me look. Recognizing that you do not diss Tim Gunn, she went ahead and changed it. It may be a little matchy-matchy, but we’re going with these modernized Mary Jane heels, to compliment the pale pink belt.

Korto – we love Korto. She minds her own business, and cranks out good designs every week. This outfit is not our favorite of hers, but we’ve paired it with one of our favorite pumps. We love the contrast of the wood heel with the shiny patent leather, and think it pairs nicely with the natural-looking fabric of the blazer. And, check out all the fun colors!

We have high hopes for the next episode where LL Cool J is a guest judge — woo hoo!

A bad sign

Uh oh. On Project Runway, eliminated designers came back to help with the avant-garde astrological challenge. We knew this was going to get prickly, but I didn’t expect it to be disappointing. I’m talking disappointing on the design-side, not the catty-complaining-back talking-drama-side.

Double uh oh. Terri and Keith are partners? We all sensed this trouble from the beginning. While I think Terri’s talented and would have liked to see her collection at Bryant Park, her attitude is too much. They say, “Karma is a #&%(#.” Peace out, Terri.

We also knew Blaynelicious wasn’t long for the show. As soon as Michael Kors said his design looked like it was “pooping fabric,” I knew it was over. And, I can’t even get into the discussion of Kenley’s over-confident mediocrity. My steadfast assumption that it will be an all ladies final took a beating this week. It was the guys who came out on top.

When watching, I liked that Jerell was working the multi-texture angle again. But, I have to admit, after two days of reflection, and taking one look at the picture in the gallery photos, I can’t believe Jerell won with this design. The “schoolmarm” fabric for the skirt makes the model look large and frumpy. I can’t even pair shoes with this outfit. I just don’t like it.

The big surprise was Joe. After last week, I would have put a bounty on his head. But he came through with this layered ruffled look. And, I positively adore these shoes from Guiseppe Zanotii. That brown crocodile rosette is amazingly gorgeous. Gorgeous. Amazing. Gorgeous. Amazing. (I meant to be repetitive.)

The design and shoe pairing I’ll leave you with is the winner of last year’s avant-garde challenge. Christian Siriano and Chris March’s design was magnificent. These Fendi platforms are too.

L’affaire femme

The Diane Von Furstenberg challenge on Project Runway was an opportunity of a lifetime for the designers. Design a look inspired by DVF’s fall “A Foreign Affair” collection, use her fabrics, and – if you win – your design will be produced and sold to Amex cardholders. No surprise, the ladies have it in the bag, again.

Kenley’s less-is-more strategy paid off. Rather than making several pieces, she vorociously defended her beautiful, Asian-inspired sillouitte. DVF liked the dress and her fiery attitude. I love the contrast of the black lace trim with the funky, floral print. For shoes, I would go with a more refined design like these from Prada, rather than the chunky floral ones shown in the PR gallery photo. Plus, I think the ruffle detail keeps with the Asian design.

Leanimal won with her gorgeous, 1940s-inspired gown. I love the color, I love the drapping. I think she gets better every week. I’m not crazy about the cropped trenchcoat (with this dress), which is likely why it isn’t for sale over at the DVF site. So, get rid of the coat, and pair it with these Le Silla heels. I think the silver color and lovely side bow complete the très glamorous look. C’est fabuleux, no?

Full speed ahead

The Saturn-sponsored episode of Project Runway challenged the designers to be innovative with eco-friendly automotive materials. And the ladies ran away with it. You heard it here – S&C thinks all three of the finalists will be women. They are So. Much. Better. This episode sent the poor troubled Keith into meltdown territory, and prompted Michael Kors to deliver the line of the night when he cautioned Keith to not make excuses like, “The model and the critic ruined my garment.” Oh, snap.

Korto made a beautiful basket-weave swing coat of seatbelts. The pale pink color and shine is gorgeous. I would love to own this coat and go ultra preppy, pairing it with this delicate, feminine bow from Dior. Positively coquettish.

Leanne won with her high-fashion, only-a-model-could-wear outfit. The seatbelt fringe at the bust was brilliant, and the shape so interesting. While I’m not a huge fan of the shoe booties, I’m happy to stick with Dior on this pairing.

All in all, the PR gallery did a good job with the shoe pairings, but it’s always nice to have alternatives.