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PR Finale: Live Blogging!

Carol Hannah, Althea or Irina – who will be the winner? Can’t wait to find out. Check back for live updates (and opinions). Spoilers included, so watch out!

  • How tremendously awful would it be to be Carol Hannah right now? And are those fingerless-glove-armwarmers she’s wearing?
  • Just caught a glimpse of the “helmets” that Irina’s featuring in her collection – not so sure how we feel about these. Do not feel much better about Althea’s oversize stocking cap/beanie (although at least that’s not appearing in her runway show!).
  • Oooh, I love Irina’s 13th look (added on as an extra challenge at the last minute). The dress is chic and simple but intricate at the same time. I hope she heeds Tim’s advice on the danger of the helmets being too costumey.
  • I love how Tim is staying conspiculously far away from sick/contagious Carol Hannah. Am also enjoying her drapey blue gown as the 13th look.
  • I know over-the-knee boots are all the rage, and I’m a big fan, but when paired with Irina’s all-black collection, the whole look comes off a bit dominatrix-esque, to my eyes.
  • The designers are wearing some interesting choices in footwear for runway day. I’m digging Carol Hannah’s sky-high, open-toe metallic booties – but are those the most practical for backstage business? On the otherside of the spectrum is Althea in super-casual boots with a shearling cuff. My shoe vote goes to Irina – basic black boots.
  • Miss Mojito’s Verdict on Althea’s Collection: Mixed. I love a bunch of the pieces – the coats with great shoulders are fantastic, and I’m a fan of the dresses in general – but some of the more casual pieces feel proportionally “off” (super-long sleeves on the cardigans) and a tad bit dull.
  • Miss Mojito’s Verdict on Carol Hannah’s Collection: Fun! The pieces are so playful, and I love her color palette. The first dress out was a very cool combo of geometry and draping. Two thumbs up.
  • Miss Mojito’s Verdict on Irina’s Collection: Chic. That gray funnel-neck coat is phenomenal. And the black, full-length finale gown is a show-stopper. I’m guessing that some of the other all-black ensembles might be even more impressive in person.
  • The guest judge is Suzy Menkes, fashion critic for the International Herald Tribune. Her hairdo is something else! But I’m surprised they don’t have a celebrity critic for the finale.
  • Irina earns praise for the coherency of her collection, but not necessarily for originality of concept. And Michael loves the hats!
  • Nina calls Carol Hannah’s gold dress “spirited,” and Heidi is very impressed with her 13th dress. The judges praise her structured draping, but they don’t see the connective thread of her collection.
  • Michael Kors loves the sportswear-focus of Althea’s collection, but like Carol Hannah, her collection isn’t entirely cohesive.


Congratulations to . . . Irina! I’m a bit surprised, honestly, that a color-free collection is the winner. I was more impressed with all of the collections than I expected to be.

And guess what – season seven premieres in just a couple of months!

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Off to Prague

pragueMs. S&C goes on the road — to Prague!

Attention loyal S&C readers, Ms. S&C will be taking a few days off (actually, more like a week and a half), as she and Mr. S&C are headed to Prague! We’ve got our trusty Rick Steve’s guide and the New York Times’ 36 Hours column, so we’re ready to explore one of Europe’s most beautiful cities (at least that’s what we’re told). What will we do while we’re there? Well, we’ll visit some castles, drink some a lot of Czech beer, look at Art Nouveau, and you know — just holiday.

While she’s gone, there may be an occasional Tweet or two (no promises, though). But, you’ll be in good hands with Miss Mojito. Miss M will be *live* blogging the season finale of Project Runway, on Thursday, Nov. 19th, so be sure to check it out! Live blogging is fun.

Na zdravi! (That’s “cheers” in Czech).

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There’s style here

A year ago, we welcomed Fashion Washington, DC’s new luxury fashion magazine from the Washington Post.

Earlier this week, Ms. S&C attended FW’s one year anniversary party at Masa 14, the new hot spot inFW-party Logan Circle. She was thrilled and totally flattered by the  invitation. She was slightly underwhelmed by the cocktails (Strawberry Lemonade was waaayyy too sweet), but the people-watching opportunity was first-rate.

In addition to being in the company of DC’s most fashionable crowd, Ms. S&C met the famous fashion photographer blogger (and now author), The Sartorialist. One of Ms. S&C’s greatest dreams in life is to be considered worthy of one of his photographs. His people-on-the-streets photos are a constant inspiration. They are really, really amazing.


The Sartorialist signs a copy of his book for Ms. S&C
at FW’s one year anniversary party

You can check out a recap of the anniversary event on FW’s blog, Fashion District.  And, the Style Setter column in the FW magazine, has a great article on Scott Schuman (aka The Sartorialist).

So, how did DC do, style-wise? On The Sartorialist blog, Mr. Schuman said, “I expected great things in cities like London and Paris, but DC was a total surprise. What a great-looking and diverse crowd.”

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In full disclosure

In case there are S&C readers out there, who are on the up-and-up in regards to social media, blogging, advertising, and the like, Shoes & Cocktails would like you to know that we are not paid to blog. The FTC recently released new guidelines related to bloggers and advertisers, so we wanted to let you know that no products, brands or stores mentioned in our content are advertisements or paid promotions. We are (unfortunately) not paid to drink cocktails. We are (sadly) not paid to buy shoes online. And, therefore, we are certainly not paid to write glowing reviews of crappy drinks and ugly shoes. Nor, will we ever (write things that are misleading).

In full disclosure, we have, however, received free booze. In further disclosure, we’ve received a lot more booze than we’ve ever written about (much of the stuff they send us isn’t that good, and we’ve got standards, people). There have been two occasions in which we highlighted a specific brand of liquor that we received for free. One of those instances we disclosed (more or less); one we did not (but, in that instance, the booze was vodka, so it hardly counts).

There may be one glorious day when our shoes and cocktails budgets will be financed by advertisers, but we can promise you that we’ll never be at their mercy. If we are, we’ll tell you. Until then, please know that Ms. S&C and Miss Mojito do what we do because we love shoes, we love cocktails, and we think blogging is fun. Thanks for reading!

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Bright, sunny, beautiful

Miss Mojito is in the Outer Banks, and Ms. S&C is headed to Key West. This can only mean one thing — cocktails beachside and poolside! Hooray for vacays!

As we sign off for a few days, S&C leaves you with one of the most beautiful photographs ever seen. It was taken by The Sartorialist in Sydney, Australia. Not sure what is more beautiful — the sky or the woman? The woman. The over-sized sunglasses, the colorful Missoni dress, those incredible boots. Set against the bright blue sky, the crisp blue water, and the gothic iron fence. You want to know what beauty is — you are looking at it.

sartorialistPhoto from The Sartorialist, April 30, 2009

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An Occasion for Mocktails

Miss Mojito has a confession to make: she has found herself a new favorite drink, and it is NOT a cocktail. The occasion: a baby shower for my sister-in-law (and soon-to-be-born niece). The drink: a fruity mocktail.

Jason Wilson provided the inspiration in his April 5 Washington Post article, “Taking Mocktails Seriously.”  The audience for the mocktail is a sizeable one, not limited solely to mothers-to-be. Imbibers on a budget might find themselves attracted to the mocktail’s relative affordability. Those on a diet might enjoy the favorable calorie count of the liquor-free libation. And others, like Miss Mojito, might just like the drink’s inherent refreshing tastiness!

We took our cues from Mr. Wilson and looked to his “Folic Fizz,” which he DSCN1088adapted from Natalie Bovis-Nelsen’s 2008 book, Preggatinis. We made a few alterations ourselves, and changed the name from the vitaminal-sounding “Folic Fizz” to “Cantaloupe Fizz.” We reduced the sweetness, added a mint garnish and made a big batch for a crowd. The end result is beyond refreshing, with an in-your-face cantaloupe flavor that’s enhanced by the tangy lime and fresh mint. And, for those so inclined, it would transition well to a true cocktail with a shot of gin!

Cantaloupe Fizz
Serves 15

  • 3 cantaloupes
  • 3 teaspoons superfine sugar
  • 8 ounces fresh lime juice
  • 6-7 strawberries
  • 15 ounces lime-flavored sparkling soda water
  • Ice
  • Mint

Cut cantaloupe into chunks and puree in food processor. Strain puree through a fine mesh sieve to extract cantaloupe juice (reserve the “pulp” for another use or discard). Mix cantaloupe juice, lime juice and sugar in a large pitcher. Thinly slice strawberries and add to mixture. Top with sparkling soda water. Serve over ice with a sprig of mint garnish.

Posted by Miss Mojito.

A bit of this, a bit of that

So, I’ve been in a bit of a blogging slump lately. Lacking inspiration. I’ve given up on the return of Project Runway. I still have an unopened bottle of Pisco at home. And, has time stopped? It seems like the transition to spring will never happen. I’m so tired of my winter clothes and shoes. I want spring and warmth. And, open-toe shoes and cocktails al fresco. Too much for a girl to ask?

You can  read more of Ms. S&C’s random and slightly inane thoughts over on Twitter, where one can share a little bit of this, and a little bit of that.


  1. survived day one of two day liquid-only cleanse diet. but i would really like an eggroll.
  2. still has a lot to do this week and sadly most of it doesn’t involve shoes or cocktails
  3. Flight of the Conchords makes me want a glass of New Zealand sauvignon blanc
  4. Thai food tonite and a drink called the Tom Yum Cocktail
  5. and how about a bees knees to go with that fringe?
  6. our own Miss Mojito says fringe is in:
  7. cherry blossom cocktails courtesy of @washingtonian
  8. maybe later, a cherry blossom cocktail to brighten my mood?…
  9. this day is starting off exactly how I didn’t want it to. good grief.
  10. I know I’m desperate for spring attire, but this BR cape is only $100:
  11. first time on twitter today. and only been on facebook once. seems like I should have more work to show for it.
  12. having my first iced coffee of the year. thank you sun and 60 degree weather.
  13. is drinking a glass of prosecco. yes, on a tuesday. and yes, on st. patrick’s day.
  14. Is it cocktail hour yet? What a day.
  15. is green with envy:
  16. gossip girl does edith wharton. yes to the gilded age.
  17. never been to the District Sample Sale: http://www.districtsamplesa… — worth it?
  18. for crying out loud, Ms. S&C wants to wear Spring clothes!
  19. impromptu party with friends at my place until 2am. sometimes those are the best. and the worst.

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Change is afoot

Shoes & Cocktails is so excited to announce that we have a new contributor to the blog!  Miss Mojito, or Miss M for short, will be joining the S&C enterprise as a regular blogger.

Ms. S&C has been considering changing things up and adding a fresh new perspective.  And, Miss Mojito is a perfect addition.  She is the younger sister of a dear friend, and she has the same funky, yet classy, personal style.  A few years ago when Ms. S&C was visiting Charlottesville, VA, and ran into Miss M, she was wearing an adorable pair of red cowboy boots, and recommended that we try a French 75 on the Downtown Mall (or, maybe it was a French 76–I hope I’m remembering this correctly).  Regardless, she was way ahead of the latest trends even then.

Miss Mojito currently lives and works in the Richmond, VA, area.  Her hobbies include writing, playing with her kitchen appliances, sampling new food and drinks, and dreaming of accessories.  Her favorite footwear trends include gem tones, sculptural shapes, boots, boots, and more boots (be still my heart!).  And as you might guess, Miss Mojito lives and breathes for that delightful Cuban cocktail from which she borrows her name.

Please join us in welcoming Miss Mojito!  We can’t wait to hear from you!

It’s the thought that counts

Have friends and family that you still need to shop for?  Don’t know what to buy for your work gift exchange?  Gift-giving has gotten oddly competitive and so out of hand, it is now an exhausting chore to give gifts.  You stress about spending too little, or too much, and then there’s the fear of your recipient going home saying, “What am I going to do with this?”  Gifts do require some thought and some amount of time and/or money.  But, Ms. S&C is here to help with some holiday gift ideas that should please a few and not bust your budget.


  • The eco-friendly — pick up some organic fair-trade coffee, a coffee mug (I like these whimsical ones from Anthroplogie), plus a bottle of Bailey’s Irish Crème for good measure.
  • The wine pairing — there are plenty of great things to accompany a good bottle of wine.  (Don’t know what wine to choose?  Go to a wine store and they’ll be happy to make recommendations – just point them in the direction of red, white, dry, etc.)  Combine the wine with some fancy cheese, or another gourmet food item that compliments the flavors.  (Cheesetique is my favorite local cheese shop, and they are always great about helping navigate their large selections.)
  • The guy’s night out — combine a six-pack of his favorite beer (Sierra Nevada Celebration Ale is a great choice this time of the year), a deck of cards, and a set of poker chips.
  • The straight-up boozer — you can find plenty of add-ons to go with his/her favorite spirit:  fancy olives for the gin drinker, or a cigar for the gent that likes Scotch.
  • The pampering — there’s got to be a lady in your life that deserves some pampering.  Pick up a spa gift certificate, ( gift certificates are accepted at a ton of salons across the country), and make it a pedicure package with nail polish and some luxurious foot cream (I love any of the lavender stuff over at L’Occitane).

S&C wants to know: Have other shoes and cocktails gift ideas?  Share your suggestions below!

Under the weather

Ms. S&C has not adjusted well to the bitter cold climate afflicting the Washington, DC area.  Thus, she has been moaning and groaning (and sniffling) her way through this week.  She has not had a cocktail in several days.  Instead, she’s consumed buckets and buckets of hot tea.  And, her only thought of shoes has been what can carry her from point A to point B with as little effort as possible.

But, she’s a glass half full kind-of a girl, so things are looking up.  She’s got a new episode of Top Chef and some black patent leather boots on the horizon.  And yes, she’s broken out those leg warmers, kids.